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Topic: Educational Curriculum

  • Workshop on patents for Chitkara students

    Intellectual property (IP) is a right, which refers to an restricted ownership on varieties of intangible assets, such as designs, discoveries, inventions, etc. recognized under the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law. Under the TRIPS agreement, s... readmore

  • New Toastmasters’ inducted at Chitkara University

    Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. In Chitkara this saying is exemplified each day. Chitkara School of Languages Team laid the groundwork for the second chapter of Toastmasters Club in the Campus. This was yet another endeav... readmore

  • Toastmasters meet again to usher into the new academic session

    After the semester break, once again the Chitkarians gathered to usher the new academic session for their very own Toastmasters club. As Independence Day is around the corner, the club members forayed the session with expressing their views on Fr... readmore

  • Hospitality students visit brewery

    As a part of the curriculum, third semester students visited a brewery to understand the beer manufacturing process. Field visit was arranged By Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma (assistant professor at Chitkara School of Hospitality) in collaboration with ... readmore

  • Toastmasters Club achieves a milestone

    For quite some time, Toastmasters Club has been nurturing the personality of our students, making them better speakers and orators. The purpose of Toastmasters club is to provide an environment in which members learn communication and leadership skil... readmore

  • MBA students at ‘Manager in Making’

    All students aspiring to do a management degree aim to become managers. There is a difference of a fine line between being managers and being able managers. This is what a MBA degree from Chitkara University teaches you. It makes you an able manager.... readmore

  • Department specific activities organized by Chitkara University

    It is a constant endeavor from our side to improve the efficiency of our students. Following this approach, we keep conducting events that will add up to the personality and professionalism that we inculcate among our students. One such event was DSA... readmore

  • MBA student talks about her Chitkara experience

    A proud student of Chitkara Business School Anuja Singh Thapa, who is pursuing her MBA in HR, speaks about her Chitkara experience. Anuja feels that she has seen an exponential growth in her potential at Chitkara University with ace faculty teaching ... readmore

  • Post-internship conference on teaching-learning process at CCEW

    A post-internship conference was organized by Chitkara College of Education for Women. The objective underlying the workshop was to mentor and orient the budding teachers towards improving the efficacy of teaching-learning process as this skill leads... readmore

  • Toastmasters organizes tenth meeting

    Toastmasters successfully organized their tenth meeting at Chitkara University, Punjab. The three prepared speakers Neha Kapila, Anumeha Bhargava and Rishabh Dhuper who spoke on ‘Our Life’, ‘Toastmasters Club - My Journey’ and ‘Vision- I... readmore


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