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Students win laurels in the sports fest at JP University, Noida

There goes a good proverb that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Chitkara University firmly believes so and encourages its students to be a part of sports and games regularly. Following this encouragement and motivation, our students bagged medals at the sports fest organised by JP University in Noida.

Our team fared exceedingly well at all the activities there and won laurels and appreciation.

At regular intervals, our students have bagged positions in various sports events like football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc. This fest being the latest, our boys bagged a gold medal in badminton and third position in table tennis event.

There were several teams that participated but Chitkara team outshone all. The team was welcomed back with kudos and more at the campus.

We believe that games and sports are good diversions and give students the energy to learn lessons well apart from keeping healthy. Through sports, we help build a sense of cooperation and team spirit in our students.

The entire Chitkara fraternity congratulates the students on their feat and wishes them luck for their future tasks.

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