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Students taught about the art of power dressing

Published on July 4, 2014

It was time to learn the nuances of power dressing for the students of Chitkara University. Chitkara School of Languages conducted a Power Dressing and Grooming Workshop for the students of Chitkara School of Hospitality. The workshop emphasized on how to groom yourself, clothing, accessories and how to add to your persona to look consistently dressed for success, suitable for a lifestyle and work in the service industry.

The course focused on training students to discern clothing quality and fit for a stylish look. It gave students invaluable grooming tips on clothing and accessory care and maintenance, important for a neat and tidy appearance. It coached the young learners on skin-care, hair-care, nail-care, personal hygiene and make-up application for an attractive turn out. This workshop was to enable students to communicate self-assurance in posture, body language and manner of speech, a key ingredient for a Hospitality professional.

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