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Students sharpen their public speaking skills at Realia

It was a day of displaying confidence and self-belief during Realia that was organised by Toastmaster’s Club.

The event Realia is a public speaking fiesta being celebrated by Toastmasters Club Chitkara and it is exclusively for the students of Chitkara School of Engineering as we at Chitkara understand the importance of public speaking in the overall development of students and through Toastmaster’s, it is a sincere endeavor of the University to make our students more confident.

During the event, participants were given a chance to express their views on various current issues, for which some pictures were shown to them.

A very good show was put forth with great enthusiasm. Such activities help the students sharpen various skills such as, art of communication, critical thinking and reasoning.

The winner of the event was Inderjeet Singh from CSE, belonging to fifth semester and runners-up was Soumya of CSE from third semester.


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