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Remote Control Car Racing Event Successfully Concluded

Published on May 29, 2023 | 509 views

Remote Control Car Racing - Chitkara University

Chitkara University recently organized a thrilling Remote Control Car Racing event as part of the evaluation process for the Engineering Exploration Course undertaken by first-year Mechatronics students. The event witnessed the participation of ten teams, each tasked with designing an RC Car based on specified guidelines throughout the semester. The evaluations were conducted through a series of five stages, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.

The five stages of evaluation included:

Stage-1: Concept Design – Teams were required to design the frame, steering, suspension, and layout of the RC Car.
Stage-2: 3D CAD Modeling – Participants developed detailed 3D CAD models of the car, steering assembly, suspensions, and wheel assembly.
Stage-3: Fabrication – The components designed in the previous stages were fabricated in the state-of-the-art Robotics and Mechatronics Research Labs and Workshops.
Stage-4: Testing and Improvements – Teams rigorously tested their RC Cars and made necessary improvements to enhance their performance.
Stage-5: Evaluation – The final evaluation took place through an exhilarating RC Car Racing Competition, judged based on a set of predefined criteria.

The design and development of the RC Car provided the participating students with invaluable practical knowledge in material selection, fabrication processes, and the integration of different components into a fully functional system. Through this hands-on experience, the students gained a deeper understanding of engineering principles and acquired essential skills for their future careers.

Chitkara University would like to extend its sincere appreciation to Mr. Rajneesh Kaushik (ME) and Dr. Deepa Negi (MCE) for their guidance and support in successfully organizing this remarkable event. Their expertise and mentorship played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s smooth execution and the students’ overall development.

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