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Mishika Sood, CBS Student selected by Ministry of Education, Govt of Taiwan for award of fellowship at TMU, Taiwan

Mishika Sood, first-year MBA (Banking and Finance) student, was selected by Ministry of Education, Govt. of Taiwan for the award of fellowship (four months starting 10th of December 2017) at Taipei Medical University.

Till now, she has successfully completed an international honour’s program in A1, Big Data and Biomedical Technologies in Healthcare held by the University.

Mishika said that Big data technologies are increasingly used for biomedical and health-care informatics research. Large amounts of biological and clinical data have been generated and collected at an unprecedented speed and scale. The present cost for doing this is high but scientists are working on how to save the data on low costs and with a technological upgrade this will soon be possible.

The experience in all of Mishika was indeed a memorable one. She met people, learnt their culture and learnt from experts in their own fields. The overall exposure has certainly transformed her personality and added an edge to her outlook towards her subject. She thanked Chitkara University for opening up this possibility for her and stated that she has learnt a great deal at her Alma Mater. She added that Chitkara University has prepared her well for taking on the world at Taipei.

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