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Harish Sharma & Shubham Garg represents us at Kookmin University, South Korea

Published on March 12, 2015 | 2642 views

Harish Sharma & Shubham Garg of Chitkara School of Electronics and Communication Engineering is representing us at Kookmin University, South Korea, during a Semester Exchange Program. The University invites more than 100 exchange students from 17 sister universities annually.

In the midst of the ever-changing academic environment and social changes, with altruistic keenness from all members of the university, we strive to become a globally recognized institute by making a world of academia unique and enabling our students capable of accepting the changes and challenges ahead.

Our students are actively dealing with changes facing through in the process of growth by renovating and challenging themselves to be prepared for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Educational institutes, colleges and universities have entered into a competition that is harsher than ever before. By initiating global exchange of students, we are attempting to solidify their educational foundation.


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