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CUAQAC hosts National Seminar on Quality Assurance in Indian Higher Education

Published on February 23, 2019

National Seminar on Quality Assurance in Indian Higher Education through Academic and Administrative Audit Chitkara University, Punjab, organised a one-day ‘National Seminar on Quality Assurance in Indian Higher Education through Academic and Administrative Audit’ on February 22, 2019. The event was hosted by Chitkara University Accreditation and Quality Assurance Cell (CUAQAC), and an overwhelming response was received through registration for participation from more than 15 institutions. The purpose of the seminar was to engage with substantive and theoretical issues concerning quality policies in Indian Higher Educational Institutions.

The event started with a lamp lighting ceremony by Hon’ble Dr Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University. Keynote Speaker & Guests for the event included, Dr. B.S. Rajput, Former VC, Kumaun University & Former Chairman, UP State Council for Higher Education; Dr. Prof. P. K. Ahluwalia, Former Professor, Department of Physics & Director IQAC, Dean Planning, Himachal Pradesh University; Dr. Archana Mantri, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (CURIN) Chitkara University, Punjab; Dr S.C. Sharma, Registrar, Chitkara University, Punjab; and Dr. I. S. Sandhu, Dean Examinations, Chitkara University, Punjab.

On behalf of Chitkara University, a warm welcome was extended by Ms. Meenakshi Dhiman, Assistant Registrar; to all the dignitaries, guests and participants. Guests were felicitated by the senior members of administration and management of the University before the formal opening of the event. The welcome address on behalf of University was given by Dr Archana Mantri, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab; who addressed the audience regarding the importance of quality parameters in HEI. She emphasised on methods to continuously develop outcome-based learning and its assessment for enhancement through various stakeholders. Dr. Prof. B.S. Rajput delivered the first guest lecture on ‘Role of Academic and Administrative Audit in Improvisation at Higher Educational Institutions’ and successfully drew everyone’s focus to the ideal approach towards quality education in order to meet global standards and aspire for global laurels. He said Vedic and ancient Indian education system should also be looked upon for quality enhancement in the education system as well as for management of educational institutions for better process-oriented results. The participants benefited from the enlightening session, enriched with knowledge and experiences.

The second session was taken up by Dr. P.K. Ahluwalia on ‘Role of IQAC in Academic and Administrative Audit’ where he shared the success story of Himachal Pradesh University scaling from NAAC grade B to grade A and as Director IQAC HPU, the importance of his role towards formulating and implementation of quality policies. During the session, he discussed student charters, feedback proforma and the importance of induction of such documents as a regular practice. He also discussed how important information can be obtained for the purpose of analysis as and when required. The importance of SWOT during framing of quality policies was also discussed in general. The participants responded well by raising queries during the power packed sessions. There were queries related to individual benefits from institutions NAAC Accreditation and the relevance was very well perceived by the audience. Post lunch, the third session was taken by Hon’ble Dr. Virender S Kanwar, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University Baddi Campus; where he aimed to address the effectiveness in contemporary teaching-learning. The areas highlighted included, the technology which can play a vital role in imparting the best available information and result in enhancement of quality education in Higher Educational Institutions. He discussed the role of Government in incorporating MOOC and SWAYAM courses and how the same has proven to increase the knowledge content in the most versatile atmosphere and at the same time is helping students earn more credits in order to meet international educational standards. He suggested that the latest online courses be viewed regularly and this practice to be followed by all the departments, that will develop student interface with the available facilities.

In the fourth session, Dr. Archana Mantri, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab Campus; delivered a lecture on ‘Importance of Research and Innovation in Quality Education in HEI’. She highlighted the importance of a good research-oriented atmosphere in a higher educational institution and its potential role in bringing out innovation, entrepreneurship, patents and research publications. After a small tea break, Dr. Amit Mittal, Dean Doctoral Research, Chitkara University; delivered his lecture on ‘Emphasis on Teacher Quality and Scope for Resource optimization through AAA’. He highlighted the Quality Indicator Factors and discussed the seven criteria focusing the core functioning of each criteria. Dr. Mittal emphasised on process of policy drafting at HEI and concerns to be kept in mind while doing so in order to meet the standards and the purpose of the key indicators. He discussed qualitative and quantitative metrics, its long term benefits and immediate weightage.

During the valedictory address, Dr. K.K. Mishra, Assistant Dean, CUAQAC; gave the concluding remarks and the vote of thanks was extended by Dr. S.C. Sharma, Registrar Chitkara University, Punjab; to all the dignitaries, guests and participants. He expressed his gratitude to all the departments who had extended their support for making this event a success and eventually serving its purpose. The expected outcome of the seminar was highly anticipated. He said that the valuable inputs from the subject experts are always welcome and Chitkara University will find most appropriate incorporation of these suggestions.

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