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CSR Activity: Teacher training planned to empower the visually impaired

Published on December 11, 2018

When it comes to taking on corporate social responsibility (CSR), Chitkara University is always on the look-out for ways to give back to society in as many different ways as possible, all around the year. CSR at Chitkara is about empowering people, enhancing their skills, and enabling students to engage in activities. By doing this, the University strives to do its bit to develop and grow underprivileged parts of our society. The sky is our limit, and we not only believe in our cause but also work out doable solutions to be able to bring about sufficient change.

This time, as a part of another CSR activity, the team of Chitkara School of Applied Sciences visited the Patiala School for the Deaf-blind in Patiala city. The CSR activity was carried out under the aegis of EPICS – Engineering Projects in Community Services. The main purpose of the activity was to understand the everyday problems and needs of the visually-impaired; to address their queries and further provide immediate workable solutions.

During the interaction, Chitkara students identified immediate attention areas such as the requirement of adequate subject training for Mathematics and Science teachers at the Blind school. Accomplishing better amenities for the visually-impaired was also another problem area identified and further planned to be addressed. Finally, the team from Chitkara interacted with more than 350 students and offered goodies in exchange for their smiles.

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