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Creativity galore at Algorythm

Published on March 25, 2014

Delirium had hit arcadia for two days in March during a fest that displayed a myriad of colours. As students geared up to display their potential, one of the most striking part of the most-awaited cultural fest of the University was creativity at its best initiated by the students.

The fest witnessed two days of sheer creativity, ingenuity, innovation, zest and buoyancy displayed by the students.

Dr Madhu Chitkara and Dr Ashok Chitkara were awestruck by the potential that students at the fest highlighted.

Algorythm was more about groove to impress, speak to captivate, challenge the best among students and gave a good platform to all those who believe that they had the knack to entertain and mesmerize the audience.

Algorythm was set to create unforgettable and momentous memories, which will stay with all the participants and audience for a long time. It was definitely an exemplary amalgamation of imagination and endowment.

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