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Chitkara University Triumphs at the 50th All India Inter-Institutional Table Tennis Championship 2023

Published on August 26, 2023 | 399 views

Table Tennis Championship 2023

Chitkara University has again demonstrated its commitment to sporting excellence with a resounding success at the 50th All India Inter-Institutional Table Tennis Championship, Visakhapatnam. The university’s exceptional athletes showcased their prowess, securing an impressive array of victories across various categories, marking a significant milestone in their sporting journey.

The spirited athletes from Chitkara University displayed remarkable skill and determination, contributing to the university’s outstanding performance throughout the championship. The event witnessed a stellar display of talent and sportsmanship, leaving an indelible mark on all the participants.

Diya Chitale, a third-year BBA student, clinched an impressive haul of medals. Her remarkable achievements include the Gold Medal in the Mixed Doubles category, the Silver Medal in the Women’s Team event, and the Bronze Medal in Women’s Singles.

Suhana Saini, a second-year BBA student, demonstrated her exceptional skills on the table, earning the Silver Medal in Women’s Doubles and the Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles.

Ronit Bhanja, a second-year MBA student, showcased his mettle by securing the Gold Medal in Men’s Doubles and the Bronze Medal in the Men’s Team category.

Jeet Chandra, a second-year MBA student, contributed significantly to the team’s success by winning the Silver Medal in the Men’s Team event.

Wesley Do Rosario, a third-year BBA student, showcased exceptional sportsmanship and skill, securing the Bronze Medal in Men’s Doubles.

The outstanding performance of Chitkara University’s athletes is a testament to their rigorous training, relentless dedication, and the unwavering support provided by the university. This achievement also reflects Chitkara University’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence in academics and sports.

The university’s management expressed their pride and congratulated the athletes on their exceptional achievements. The remarkable success at the 50th All India Inter-Institutional Table Tennis Championship serves as an inspiration for the entire Chitkara University community and reinforces their dedication to achieving new milestones in the world of sports. The athlete’s contributions added to the university’s remarkable overall performance and highlighted the depth of talent within Chitkara University’s sports programs.

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