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Chitkara College of Education promotes Collaborative Learning

Published on May 11, 2017

Chitkara College of Education promotes and builds teacher networks for their budding teachers during the course time itself. One of the many effective ways to connect and learn is Collaborative Learning. In one such session, Chitkara College of Education & Vancouver Island University student teachers engaged in Collaborative Learning recently discussing and sharing the best practices with respect to Academic Activities, Community initiatives, Co-curricular Studies, Health Programs and Environmental Activities they are conducting during their respective internship programs.
To put it in simpler words, in education, collaborative learning is a technique teachers use to group students together to impact learning in a positive way.
Our faculty that led to the session’s successful completion stated that people are social creatures by nature. Collaborative learning hones in on this idea and builds learning activities around four main concepts:

Students learn most by being active. Collaborative learning focuses on active participation, like moving around, drawing, creating, and performing.
One of the students from Chitkara University also added that all learning should be student-focused, not content-focused. This means that when planning for instruction, faculty should consider how the students learn and what methods can be used to enhance that learning.
Children sometimes learn more easily and readily from a peer or group of peers. Creating opportunities for this dynamic in a classroom adds to traditional teacher-led instruction.
Students need to be offered chances to solve problems. The session also threw light upon the principle that working with other students to find solutions to problems, like a word problem in math or a long-term collaborative group project, gives students a chance to solve problems in tandem or with other group members. This gives them positive skills in appropriate social interaction, like cooperation, listening to others, formulating opinions.
The students from Vancouver University indeed had a meaningful session as they interacted, learned, did activities and shared their ideas on collaborative learning.

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