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Book Launch: Nandwani launches his book “Squaring the Blockchain Circle” at Chitkara University

Mr Kunal Nandwani – The Founder & CEO of uTrade Solutions, Hashcove Blockchain & Fintech Firms launched his book “Squaring the Blockchain Circle” along with Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, at Chitkara University on November 30, 2018. Speaking about the euphoria surrounding the blockchain technology, Kunal also held an interactive session with Chitkara students, answering their queries and providing interpretations & explanations about the intricacies of Blockchain.

“Squaring the Blockchain Circle” by Kunal Nandwani is an intelligent piece of literature supported by real-life scenarios and experiences. Blockchain’s potential is expected to spur investment in the coming times. For the ones seeking to benefit from it, the book unplugs its pros and cons. Nandawani’s book is divided into three parts – Part one narrates the origin of the blockchain culminating in the ICO boom; part two discusses four specific aspects, including decentralization, trust and truth, security & scalability; and part three exposes the fallacy of viewing every database as a nail for the blockchain hammer, debates the value embedded in tokens, their mispricing and susceptibility to fraud and finally highlights the blockchain as futuristic technology. In a nutshell, the book brings together learning and revelations about a technology that is the talk of the hour and that is here to stay for a longer time to bring a change in the way the economy functions.

The simple narration of financial terminologies, and the ease with which the reader starts getting familiarized with terms such as bitcoin, cryptocurrency and many more, is what sets the book apart from others. A must-read for everyone, the book proves to be a one-stop destination for technology enthusiasts who have the curiosity to learn what is trending and also for those who are keen to apply this technology in the practical workplace.

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