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Alumni, Harpreet Kaur attended an expert talk on Change Management & Opportunities in Healthcare conducted by CSHS

Published on October 3, 2016 | 2661 views

A very informative & enthralling session was conducted at Chitkara School of Health Sciences on 30th Sep 2016, under the aegis of Office of International Affairs. The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Sandeep Reddy, Deputy Director -MBA (Healthcare Management) Course and Senior Lecturer at School of Medicine, Deakin University, Australia. The students of MBA Healthcare Management (Current batch and Alumni), Medical laboratory Technology and Bachelor of Physiotherapy were the participants of the session.

He spoke on the topic Change Management & Opportunities in Healthcare with the students. Dr. Reddy primarily talked about two theories in relation to change management. One was Kotter’s change management model which focused on encouraging people to be in a state of urgency to bring about change. The three main pillars were seen to be, climate, engagement and sustained change over extended period of time. These three categories can be looked into six categories as well.

The second change theory that he talked about was Bridge’s model of change management. In this they talked about keeping the focus on the people one works with. This includes the people in the system and the ones that one works for as in the patients in terms of the hospital.

In terms of the skills, the students had networking was seen to be the key factor for good success within the field according to Dr. Reddy.All the students found the session very interesting as they were also exposed to the Australian Healthcare Sector. He guided students on how to handle the change at a workplace in terms of the environment, policies and attitude of co-workers or seniors. He also made students aware of different courses available at Deakin University that they can pursue and how to start planning from now onwards.

We also had MBA Healthcare alumni Ms. Harpreet Kaur to attend the programme. She shared her experience at Chitkara University and her current profile as a Site Lead, In Haryana Government with the students. She motivated them to adapt and keep a positive attitude to the changing environment by telling her real life experiences.


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