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Alpha teachers of the B.Ed. batch 2017-19 got a chance to interacts with educationists at CCE

Published on October 6, 2017

“Education is the single most important job of the Human Race,” said George Lucas and teaching how to educate is even more important and crucial. Alpha teachers of the B.Ed. batch 2017-19 initiated their journey of learning & teaching at Chitkara College of Education through their first Module.

Renowned Academicians from the region delivered the Modules; EdLearner & EdMentor in which topics ranging from Basics in Education, Being a responsible Netizen & Unizen, how to write a case study, how to write a report, the concept of Learning & its theories, the concept of Microteaching, importance of online courses and MOOCs to digital technologies being used in Education.

The Alpha teachers got a chance to interact with educationists with awe-inspiring knowledge base and experience like Dr. Anil Gugnani, Head, Department of Language, SCERT, Chandigarh, Dr. Manju Gera, Assistant Professor Panjab University, Chandigarh, Kritika Dhingra & Priyanka Sharma, Chitkara International School, Chandigarh, Dr. Sheojee Singh, Assistant Professor, Govt College of Education, Sector 20, Chandigarh, Ms. Monika Mukh,Librarian, CIS, Chandigarh, Dr. Parul Sood, Assistant Professor, CCE, Dr. Sangeeta PantDean|CCE, Dr. Jayanti Dutta, PU Chandigarh, Dr. Sanjeev, Assistant Professor, Govt College, Sector 20, Chandigarh, Dr Komila Parthi, DAV College, Chandigarh, Dr. Jeesu Jaskanwar Singh, Assistant Professor, USOL, Panjab University, Chd, Ms. Bharti Bisht, Head Business Advisers, Mr. Sanjay Kataria, Head Operations- ATS Edutech and Ms. Vibha Chadha- Head Instructional Design- ATS Edutech.

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