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The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is growing rapidly and there is huge demand for sales and marketing professionals who are specially trained to be industry ready right from Day One.

At Chitkara College of Sales and Marketing, we have initiated 2-Year MBA program with specialisation in Pharmaceutical Management. This course has been designed with the help of eminent pharma experts so as to match the needs of the industry as well as that of the aspirant who wants to crave a niche for himself in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Program Objectives
  • To improve the quality and standard of Pharmaceutical professionals and to inculcate Management skills in such manner so as to make them help utilizing their unlimited potential in order to perform better in the competitive global environment.
  • To strengthen and train the students technically and in modern management, marketing, selling and production skills and techniques.
  • To open up new challenging careers for the students and professionals in Product Management Training & Development, Marketing, Production Planning and Corporate Communication.

The Pharmaceutical MBA course is oriented towards the development of graduates(Pharmacy,life science, others) into a well skilled managers groomed for Pharmaceutical industry in the field of:

  • Sales & Marketing-which grooms the people for taking a challenging role in Sales andProduct management . The career in product management starts from having an hands on experience in sales. All the companies want their managers to have ground experience in sales .So the companies will have a basic sales tenure ranging from 6- 18 months. The sales experience not only provides the hands on experience but also provides a view point to understand the nuances of the marketing strategies.
  • Consultancy/ Project management: This grooms the students to enter the world of consulting to the life sciences industry. These projects could be related to regulatory compliance, clinical trial management, IT Management(development of Pharma specific tools and softwares) , sales & marketing projects into various domains including digital marketing, patient management etc. Ex: Infosys, Indegene, Wipro, HCL etc.
  • Business development: This could depend from your role in Licensing/Acquisitions, Portfolio development, Sales, Client acquisition, lead generation .It requires use of the analytical skills and negotiation skills.
  • Market research: With every company decision being based on market data (company performance, new product launches), research opens a wide field for the students. Example includes IMS, AIOCD Awacs, Pharmarc etc

Market analytics: Analytics involves the decision making in various departments of pharma industry based on the data available to the managers. This decision making could be with respect to product performance, sales forecasting, product portfolio management or risk management. The field provides an immense potential if a student has an interest in analytics and has a knack of data crunching.

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management takes a Holistic Approach to the program curriculum which enables our students to hit the ground running. The course content has been specifically divided into 3 broad areas :

  • Pharma Industry
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Anatomy
  • Disease Management
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Selling Skills
  • Territory Management
  • Targeting
  • Relationship Selling
  • Role of MR
  • Personality Development
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Managing Self
  • Corporate Preparedness
Some of the important modules which would be covered during the program are:
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
  • Anatomy/ Physiology Pharmacology
  • Pharma Distribution Management
  • Advertising & Market Research
  • Drug Law’s
  • Manufacturing Practices in Pharma Industry
  • Pharma Selling
  • Pharma Product Management
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Communication
  • Macro / Micro Economics

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