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B.Sc in Culinary Arts with specialisation in Bakery & Pastry Art Management

The baking industry is both national and international in character and embraces small artisan bakeries, large scale mass production bakeries, delicatessens and sandwich bars. It has expanded rapidly in the last decade giving rise to a growing demand for professional managers.

B.Sc in Baking & Pastry Arts Management program from Chitkara University offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career in baking and confectionery management. The overall objective of the programme is to develop the individual with the requisite social, technical , business and practical skills, underpinned by a knowledge base in order to pursue successful and fulfilling careers in the baking and confectionery management industries.


Students study practical based courses such as Baking Technology, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Accounting, Management Principles, Baking Ingredients Studies, Food Product Development, Operations Management and Practical Baking Skills in Confectionery, Pastry and Artisan Bread Making.

Some of the key courses covered under this program are:
  • Communications
  • Management Principles
  • Professional Baking Cake
  • Introduction to Culinary Science
  • Baking Sweetbreads
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial & Cost Accountancy
  • Professional Baking Sweetbreads
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Bakery Operations Management
  • BMicrobiology
  • BBaked Foods-Product Development
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • Professional Baking Bread
  • Quality Assurance Baking
  • Baking Technology
  • Baking Morning Goods & Biscuits
  • Services Marketing
  • Baking Technology
  • Professional Baking Tarts & Pastries
  • Food Entrepreneurship
  • Baked Food-Product Test
  • Artisan Breads Technology
  • Baked Foods Functional Ingredients & Allergens

Opportunities are available to the graduate in both national and international settings. These career opportunities include: Bakery Production and Management in large scale mass production bakeries, Delicatessen and Bakery/Food Product Development. There are also entrepreneurial opportunities for artisan bread, confectionery bakery and pastry based operations. In addition there may be opportunities for graduates in education, consultancy and research.

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