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4-YEAR B.Des in Interior Design

A unique program that gives students a chance to work with industry honchos while also pursuing a rigorous academic curriculum in an effort to achieve overall excellence in the field of interior design.


Interior Design is a discipline that focuses on designing interior spaces in such a way that they are conducive to a high-quality life as well as are in line with the safety and welfare protocols laid out by regulating bodies. It requires not just a fertile imagination and an artistic bent of mind but also demands in-depth knowledge of technical subjects like space planning and construction management. The job of a modern-day interior designer includes creating homes that exude comfort and ease, functional yet plush workplaces that can motivate employees to come into work every day, and stunning public spaces that call out to people and enhance the beauty of a city.

The Bachelor of Design program at Chitkara University is an intense, four year long endeavour that sharpens students’ ability to conceptualize, research, plan, design and detail the reinvention of all kinds of interior spaces including small, nuclear family homes, public establishments, commercial entities, recreational venues, healthcare facilities, and cultural institutions.

  • To sensitise the students about the impact of interior design on built environment by developing analytical skills to add excellency & efficiency for well-being of the occupants.
  • To equip students with the basics of technical, creative, theoretical and management skills for successful creation and execution of interior design projects.
  • To create an understanding of multidisciplinary approach with illustrators, sculptors, fashion designers and architects to add creative insight and depth into the design process.
  • To develop skills for creative solutions for assimilation of diverse elements of interior such as furniture, lighting, upholstery, colour scheme, etc. along with building services.
  • To support the development of research, thinking and communication processes to envisage creative and innovative solutions to design problems.

With an exponential increase in the influx of people, urban cities across the country developed an urgent need for interiors that not just utilize the area allocated to them optimally but also appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of those who spend time there. Residential complexes, IT parks, hotels, hospitals, and shopping arcades are being planned with rapid speed in most growing cities. To implement such large scale projects, interior designers from reputed colleges like Chitkara are roped in. Due to our well-fleshed and job oriented curriculum and our rigorous teaching methodology, our students are highly sought after in sectors like:

  • Hospitality
  • Housing
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Recreation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
Designers who graduate from Chitkara often find themselves picking from one of the following career options:
  • Space Management Consultant
  • Office Space Planner
  • Home Decorator
  • Building Space Planner
  • Green Design Consultant
  • Design Consultants/ Designpreneurs

Interior Design is one of those disciplines in which it is imperative to augment theoretical studies with practical experience to develop well-rounded professionals. Our curriculum is, therefore, designed in such a way that students get an opportunity to practice in real life what they study in the classroom. In addition, our design program is developed on a project-based model that ensures that students get the freedom to explore the softer artistic, thematic, and aesthetic side of Interior Architecture and Design alongside gaining in-depth knowledge of the complex functional, technical, and planning aspects of the discipline. Through pre-planned industry engagements like study trips, mini-internships, correspondences with established design studios and professional, and ample opportunity to participate in design competitions all over the world, the Design Program at Chitkara has been able to produce some of the finest interior designers that the industry has today. A design student graduating from Chitkara possesses the following skills that make him or her stand out in a crowd –

  • Artistic Mindset – Your ability to see things in an artistic light will improve manifold, therefore, enabling you to reinvent dull and drab spaces of all kinds in such a way that they aesthetically please the inhabitants.
  • Creativity – Your imaginative powers will be sharpened to such an extent that you will be able to select just the right fabrics, furnishings, art pieces, and furniture depending on the client’s taste, the type of space that you are working on, and the vibe that the client wants the space to project.
  • Detail Orientation – One of the most pertinent skills that a designer learns at Chitkara is to be able to pay attention to the tiny things. You will learn how to be accurate and precise in all your documentation so that the same can be used by partners like engineers and other designers.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Effective client communication is a skill that every designer graduating from Chitkara excels at. To understand what the client wants, to communicate your approach to the client in such a way that all of you are on the same page, and to work in tandem with partners like building contractors and engineers, one needs to be quick on the uptake and also have flawless communication skills.
  • Visual Awareness – This program will make sure that your ability to visually perceive things like proportion, size, and alignment is sharpened to the highest possible degree so that you are able to envision how various pieces will fit together.
Eligibility & Fees
  • XII passed (Any stream)
  • Valid UCEED scores for admission to the B.Des course. Students without valid UCEED scores must opt for B. Sc Interior.
Per Semester Rs. 90,000
ERP* Rs. 20,000

The fees for any of the above programs is subject to revision.
*ERP: Only at the time of admission.


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