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B.E. (Lateral Entry) in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering includes the science and art of formulation, design, development and control of systems and components involving Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanisms and the conversion of Energy into useful work. The lateral entry to B.E. in Mechanical Engineering addresses both the quest to understand how things work and the desire to put this understanding to practical use. The student body is guided by faculty, who hold national and international recognition, are members of prestigious Engineering Societies and counted among the outstanding scholars in their profession.


There’s a lot of technology at work in today’s commercial and institutional buildings, from energy efficient boilers to complex Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Building systems require regular, skilled maintenancemechanical and technical support. That’s why Mechanical Engineers are in high demand.

  • In a wide range of exciting industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-medical, Chemical, Computers, Electronics, Fossil and Nuclear Power, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Robotics and Textiles.
  • In areas of research & development, design, testing and evaluation, manufacturing, operations and maintenance, marketing, sales and administration.
  • In Public Sector Units like Railways, ONGC, Indian Oil, ISRO, SAIL, NTPC, DDRO and IAF.

Career opportunities abound in wide spectrum of industries as Executives, Specialists, Technologists, Engineers or Managers in:

  • Mechanical Engineering Industry
  • Cement, Paper, Chemical and other Manufacturing Industry
  • Building Services Industry
  • HVAC and Facility Management Industry
  • Operations Management
  • Sustainable Design & Solutions
  • Clean Energy & Automation
  • Research & Development
Some of the major companies who recruit our graduates are:

Some of the key components of our program will be:
  • Apply knowledge and technical expertise in building, analyzing, testing, operating and maintaining mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning technologies, including relevant industry standards and code of practices
  • To do maintenance, repair and production of heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipments and its systems.
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing of heating, ventilation, air conditioning gadgets/domestic appliances, making joints and carrying out ducting & piping work.
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace mechanical/heating, ventilation, air conditioning machinery used in various industrial and domestic appliances
  • Enable to do industrial installation, laying pipes, ducting, earthing, installing indoor, outdoor units with their accessories, wiring and testing of control & operational circuits.
  • Preparing estimates of different kinds of jobs in domestic, industrial installation in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to install, erect and commission entire equipments.

At Chitkara University, we have state-of-the-art laboratories including Thermal Engineering, Heat-Transfer Dynamics, Metallurgy, Metrology and Fuels. Modern computing facilities are available for students at the CAD and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories.

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