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Lateral Entry to 4-Year B.E. inMechanical Engineering

The Lateral Entry (LEET) programin Mechanical Engineering allows diploma holders to enter a Bachelor of Engineering program in their second year, saving them a year and fees. Through interdisciplinary projects that research and design cutting-edge solutions to modern technological problems, the program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in engineering, industry, and research.

Mechanical Engineering 4 year mechanical engineering program at chitkara university

Course Duration

  • 3 years

Internship Opportunity

The curriculum includes a mandatory one-year internship in renowned corporations.

Campus Recruitment

The LEET program presents opportunities for employment in Fortune 500 companies.


  • It is mandatory to hold a diploma or an equivalent degree in your respective branch to be eligible for the lateral entry program.

B.E. Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering lateral enrty at chitkara university

Mechanical Engineering includes the science and art of formulation, design, development and control of systems and components involving Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanisms and the conversion of Energy into useful work. The Lateral Entry (LEET) to B.E. in Mechanical Engineering addresses both the quest to understand how things work and the desire to put this understanding to practical use. The students are guided by a faculty of esteemed professionals, who possess national and international recognition, hold membership in prestigious Engineering Societies, and are considered among the most accomplished scholars in their field.

Through our Mechanical Engineering program, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of how mechanical systems operate, the reasons behind their function, their longevity, potential failure, and methods to improve them. You will develop proficiency in CAD, control systems, dynamics, heat transfer, mechanics, statics, thermodynamics, and more, leading to the ability to design and analyse the behaviour of mechanical products and technologies. This will enable you to specialise in technical streams within small and large companies, or pursue a technical management career in national and multinational companies.

Program Structure

Most of the Mechanical Engineering courses come from the two major stems of:

  • energy and fluids, and
  • structures and motion in mechanical systems.

Students take courses from the structures, Engineering mechanics, mechanics of materials, and materials science and from the fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer in the 2nd year and 3rd year program.

In the final year, students take a systems-level design course and capstone design experience, and have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their technical background through elective programs. Additionally, the students in the LEET to Mechanical Engineering program gain experience in laboratory settings through experiments associated with all of their applied sciences and with most of their Engineering science courses.

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Mechanical Engineering lateral enrty at chitkara university

Program Highlights

The B.E. Lateral Entry (LEET) program at Chitkara University is a tremendous opportunity for diploma holders to continue their studies and get a Bachelor of Engineering degree, enhancing their professional prospects and earning potential. A great investment for anyone looking to advance their engineering career, the program boasts an industry-aligned curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and a faculty of competent experts.

  • industry led curriculum at chitkara university
    industry led curriculum at chitkara university

    Industry-Led Curriculum

    Our LEET to Mechanical Engineering program is designed to provide you with industry-relevant skills and knowledge from the very start. The curriculum is unique in its focus on practical applications, allowing you to gain a competitive edge in the job market. While the program includes mandatory modules throughout the course, you also have the opportunity to specialise in a specific area of your choice through optional module selections during the 3rd or 4th year, such as Automobile Engineering and Robotics.

  • on hand knowledge of mechanical engineering at chitkara university
    on hand knowledge of mechanical engineering at chitkara university

    Edge in the Job Market

    The value of hands-on experience in the job market cannot be overstated, as graduates who have completed internships often receive higher salary offers than those without. Furthermore, many companies prioritise hiring interns for entry-level positions. Our LEET program offers a one-year internship that enhances your marketability and equips you with practical lab experience for real-world settings. This makes you a highly sought-after resource in the sector.

  • specilisation in automobile engineering
    specilisation in automobile engineering

    Career Prospects

    Modern commercial and institutional buildings all significantly rely on technology, from sophisticated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to energy-efficient boilers. These systems need ongoing, expert maintenance and technical assistance. Due to their crucial role in guaranteeing the efficient operation of these systems, mechanical engineers are in high demand.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Mining Engineer
  • Water Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • CAD Technician

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Campus Recruitment

The field of Mechanical Engineering presents a wealth of career opportunities, as manufacturers in the industry are expanding rapidly and seeking engineers to meet their increasing demand. Our graduates can anticipate an exciting career path working with top Mechanical Engineering companies worldwide.

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