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Sandeep Kumar, M. Pharm, Batch-2009–11

I would consider M. Pharm Program at Chitkara University to be an important milestone in my professional and personal life. The intensity and breadth of the Program prepares one for high-pressure situations, complex problem-solving and work–life balance—skills that prove priceless while tackling the myriad challenges of professional life. It was a pleasant surprise to find that such a wide-ranging—and seemingly intimidating—curriculum was delivered by such amazing faculty that I believe are some of the most interesting, inspiring people I’ve ever met. Their style of teaching was complemented by the intimate classroom environment. They are highly qualified and experienced—a hallmark of Chitkara University—and know the best ways to instruct their students, engage them and lead them toward the development of their instincts, and capacity for handling complexity and ambiguity. I personally believe this qualification will be a mark in the long-run where everything may be judged on the basis of whether it came before or after the Chitkara University M. Pharm degree.

Currently, I’m Quality Assurance Executive in Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd—one of India’s oldest (over 100 years) and most prominent pharmaceutical firm. I thoroughly enjoy and love my job that brings to me a new challenge everyday to provide quality to people and offer my services for the betterment of the physical health of the society.

Currently working as Quality Assurance Executive with Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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