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Adhiraj Manhas, BCA Student, currently pursuing his Semester Exchange Program at Soongsil University, South Korea.

I am glad to share that I feel I have represented Chitkara & India in the best way possible by participating in every event, spreading information and knowledge about India to all. I have successfully completed my Japanese course and have become fluent in Japanese as well. Now, I have set another goal, which is to master the language Korean, I am tenaciously practicing it and I am indulged into learning Korean and I think I really love it. I will be able to speak 5 languages by the end of my return to Chitkara!

There are projects/ assignments given to us every week and I have had a perfect score in all of them until now. What the future withholds, only the future will tell, but I will make sure to try my best in every aspect of it.

Other than that, I visited Japan for a month and it was an amazing trip! I had a lot of fun and went to my friends university and told them about India as well. I have been making friends with people from all over the world! I will never forget this opportunity that Chitkara University has given me .
I regularly participate in events like Orientations, Competitions, Club meetings, volunteering etc. As I mentioned earlier, I never leave any task given to me and always take the role of the leader in every possible event, every obstacle thrown at me, All thanks to my Chitkara for making me who I am and I shall continue to grow every step.

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