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3-Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering provides broad-based and diverse engineering learning in areas such as material science, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, fuels, combustion, instrumentation and control, product and system design and manufacturing. The impact of Mechanical engineering touches almost every area of our lives. Mechanical Engineers are the creators and not only create new technology but also innovate for them.

Mechanical Engineers help ensure the machines, elements, vehicles and systems our society depends on work the way they’re supposed to. You need an aptitude for all things mechanical, but you also need good problem-solving and analytical skills, because your job will involve troubleshooting problems, finding better, more efficient ways to do things, and ensuring vital systems stay up and running.

The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Chitkara Polytechnic will focus on :

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • Automobile Engineering

India is growing—our economy, our population, our industry and our demand for modern infrastructure & sophisticated transport systems are steadily growing. Mechanical Engineers are specialists in the infrastructure design, development and maintenance, which include elevators, central heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and advanced security arrangements. There’s a lot of technology at work in today’s commercial and institutional buildings, from energy efficient boilers to complex HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Building systems require regular, skilled maintenance-mechanical and technical Engineers. That’s why Diploma Mechanical Engineers with specialization in HVAC systems are in high demand. You install, maintain and repair refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The ever-growing India’s population presents innumerable problems in personal and public transport system. This coupled with growing environment & green house gas laws bring unimaginable level of complexity to today’s automotive industry. Secondly, growing population also makes it viable for all global automobile manufacturers to choose India as
their manufacturing base for India and Asia-Pacific. Thirdly, depleting fuel reserve pose major challenge to the manufacturers to bring innovation to save fuel and also offer highest degree of vehicle and passenger safety without compromising road handling & agility. The demand for Mechanical Engineers with specialization in Automotive is on rise
and soon to become major choice for many aspirants to have wonderful career. It’s a powerful career choice that demands good problem-solving skills and an eye for detail. The job itself has a mechanical focus.

Our 3-Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering also prepares you to pursue further studies leading to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from reputed local and foreign universities.

Student Learning Outcomes

Some of the key student-learning outcomes for the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is as follows: 

  • Apply knowledge and technical expertise in building, analyzing, testing, operating and maintaining mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems associated with HVAC technologies, including relevant industry standards and code of practices
  • To do maintenance, repair and production of HVAC equipment and its systems
  • Procure, inspect and test refrigeration and air conditioning engineering materials
  • To do fault diagnosis, repairing HVAC gadgets/domestic appliances, making joints and carrying out ducting & piping work
  • Enable to do industrial installation, laying pipes, ducting, earthing, installing indoor, outdoor units with their accessories, wiring, testing of control & operational circuits
  • Preparing estimates of different kinds of jobs in domestic, industrial installation in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to install, erect and commission entire equipments
  • Designing & load estimation for domestic and industrial installation and drawing layouts for piping, ducting wiring & building automation
  • Apply knowledge and technical expertise in designing, building, analyzing, testing, operating and maintaining automobile vehicles, systems, aggregates and components as per laid out instructions
  • To do maintenance, repair and production of automotive equipment and its systems
  • Procure, inspect and test engineering materials related to automobile engineering
  • To select, operate, maintain, test and repair/replace mechanical/automotive machinery used in various industrial and domestic environment
  • Students will also prepare a major technical project, which demonstrates his learning and capability to be part of blue chip companies across the world


Academic Framework


  • The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a 3-Year full time program offered by Chitkara Polytechnic, constituent institution of Chitkara University, Punjab.
  • This program is offered with guidance of blue chip companies like Sterling and Wilson (Shapoorji & Pallonji Group) & ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) bringing a complete blend of academic learning with best of industry support
  • There are five academic semesters and last semester is solely dedicated to Intensive Industry Internship Program facilitated by participating industry
  • Academic framework lays strong emphasize on learning through hands on. Courses in foundation, technology and advanced technology feature state of the art lab infrastructure enable this without any hassles
  • Subjects carry full industry focus to ensure student stays connected with real working atmosphere all the time
  • To get further ahead, you will work on latest cutting edge lab, which not only simulates the real-time, but also makes you cope up with field situations.


Program Curriculum

YEAR – 1


  • Provides excellent foundation for the 1st Year diploma with emphasis on foundation science courses
  • Intensive focus on developing communication skills, which makes students equipped for better learning
  • 2nd part of year allows students to learn basic courses in Electrical & Electricity backed by full hands-on experience in state of the art labs


YEAR – 2


  • Introduces students to the basic mechanical environment, which allows them read & prepare mechanical schematics, material sciences, manufacturing processes and also applying concepts learned through strength of materials and fluid mechanics
  • Students learn thermodynamics, various machining processes that includes machining processes along with advanced mechanical drafting of machine elements
  • Courses like Metrology and Heat Transfer are taught in very innovative manner using cutting edge labs, which enable students to understand concepts and apply in real world situations
  • Later part of the year allows student to learn, understand and work on refrigeration and air conditioning processes in depth with adequate hands on experiments to foster your conceptual understanding (HVAC Specialization)
  • Students will learn automotive systems, components, fuel systems, combustion systems & emission related regulatory affairs giving them required depth of understanding & knowledge in core automobile engineering (Automobile


YEAR – 3


  • Brings advanced learning in HVAC domain by focusing majorly in R & AC operations and applications, which allows students to prepare themselves for niche domain with complete hands on experience featuring HVAC industry of today & tomorrow (HVAC Specialization)
  • Students will learn automotive electronics, telematics, bus communication systems, engine diagnostics and advanced vehicle simulations and emission monitoring enabling them to meet & surpass of the expectations of automotive industry (Automobile Specialization)
  • With the acquaintance of knowledge in mechanical, materials, manufacturing, refrigeration, air conditioning and in automotive domains, students will undergo focused intensive industry internship program, which makes students to practice all the core learning in real life industry environment.


Cutting Edge Infrastructure

Major focus is laid in creating best in class lab & workshop infrastructure, which makes blended learning possible and the lab is equipped with advanced equipments. This allows deeper conceptual learning by simulating real time
industry environment part of HVAC & Automotive domains

Technology Labs

  • Refrigeration & Heat Pumps lab
  • Air conditioning & Psychrometry lab
  • Industrial refrigeration & cold storage lab
  • Industrial air conditioning & cold chamber lab
  • Domestic automation with HVAC controls lab (KNX Protocol)
  • Industrial automation with HVAC controls lab (KNX Protocol)
  • Heat Transfer lab
  • Fluid mechanics, Hydraulics & Pneumatics machinery lab
  • Strength of materials lab
  • DC machines & drives lab
  • AC machines & drives lab
  • CAD, CAM & CAE lab
  • HVAC efficiency & controls lab
  • Automotive electronics lab
  • Vehicle air conditioning lab
  • Emission system performance lab
  • Engine performance lab

Practice Workshops

  • Individual cubes to allow students to lay piping, fittings, ducting and install HVAC accessories
  • Indian, European, American style of piping/ducting layouts for practice & replication
  • Space with all connections in place to conduct final certification assessments
  • Fitting workshop with all amenities
  • Welding workshop with all amenities
  • Foundation workshop with foundry, carpentry and smithy practices
  • Height adjustable platforms up to 30 feet to allow students to work on various heights
  • HVAC repair & maintenance workshop
  • Central heating with various temperature control chambers simulation workshop
  • Chassis system workshop
  • Powertrain workshop
  • Drivetrain workshop
  • Dynamometry workshop


  • AC – 3 phase power supply (Uninterrupted)
  • 64 KW back up generator
  • Drinking water storage pump house (Booster)
  • Industrial water storage pump house (Booster)
  • Sewerage forced disposal (Pump)
  • RO set up
  • Rain/storm water storage tank
  • Industrial water disposal set-up
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Career Opportunities

Given below are some of the companies, which have huge requirement of Mechanical Engineers. At Chitkara Polytechnic, we are collaborating with major blue chip companies, so that you can start your career with flying colors.


Career opportunities abound in wide spectrum of industries as executives, specialists, technologists, Engineers or managers in:

Many of the world’s largest construction and engineering companies including L&T, HCC, Technip, GMR Infrastructure, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. and Gammon Infra regularly visit our campus for recruitments.:

  • Mechanical & Automobile Engineering industry
  • Cement, paper, chemical & other manufacturing industry
  • Building services industry
  • HVAC & Facility management industry
  • Operations management
  • Sustainable Design & Solutions
  • Clean Energy & Automation
  • Research & Development

3-Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering program is recognized nationally and internationally. After completing the diploma, you can also enter the 2nd year of B.Tech degree through the lateral entry in Engineering institutions across the country.

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