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Veteran Actor Rajit Kapur talks on cinema and film festivals with Chitkara students

Published on September 25, 2022

The quote made relevance today in all senses when Mr. Rajit Kapur started talking. Today, Chitkara University, Punjab hosted a session “Up and Close” with the famous veteran actor, theatre artist, and amazing director, Mr. Rajit Kapur.

Mr. Kapur encouraged the students to visit Indus Valley International Film Festival. This ambitious film festival showcases films from all South Asian & South-East Asian nations.

Panel discussions with illustrious filmmakers from all the participating nations take place at the festival. Also, workshops on Script Writing, Fiction Film-making & Documentary Film-making by eminent film personalities are organized.

The concept of this Indus Valley International Film Festival, he discussed, grew from the idea that Cinema & Art in South Asia are inter-connected, and they get nurtured by each other in sensibility & craft. Mr. Kapur further elaborated on how Cinema and Art have the power to bring peace & harmony and envisage a more compassionate world around us. He also talked about how one can refine their art and make their passion their lifestyle. Many students got the chance to ask him questions, one-on-one. He answered students and talked about his own life experiences, inspiring everyone present in the Exploratorium. Later at the end, Mr. Kapur was honored and felicitated.

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