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Three-Day International Workshop on Mobile Documentary organized by CSMC

Published on April 8, 2016 | 2240 views

Three-Day International Workshop on “Mobile Documentary” organized by Chitkara School of Mass Communication, Chitkara University, in collaboration with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The central theme of the workshop was how the mobile could be a great tool to show and uplift women’s status in developing nations and how their contribution and plight can be shared with the world audience in a better way.

The workshop was started with the basics of shooting, scripting and post-production work and how this device can be a very good tool in documenting events, issues, persons and places. A small exercise of shooting was done initially and the strengths and weaknesses of shots, quality, audio, lighting etc were discussed. Then, the participants decided their proposed topic, put forth why they had chosen the same and what will they try to shoot and later they shot the visuals on the second day.

On the last day all sat for editing, did voice over, sought bytes and used music and titles to produce the final documentary. A total of eight documentaries were produced and later screened together and different aspects of the videos were discussed. The subject of the documentaries ranged from individual woman’s achievement to gender discrimination to mother’s contribution in every child’s life. Issues like women’s hardships, courage and a bonding element in family were also highlighted.


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