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Student Exchange Programme: Chitkara University students at EM Normandy, France

Three students of Chitkara University, Ranveer and Shalini, second year students of MBA in Marketing, and Radhika Gondi, a first year student, were under the spotlight for pursuing their respective semesters at EM Normandy, France as a part of the student exchange programme.

Chitkara University has partnered with universities and colleges across the globe for student exchange programmes and gateway programmes so that their students get exposed to a world full of opportunities and learning experiences.

Programs taught in English by local and international faculty, student exchanges from partner universities all over the world, international research co-operation, dual-degree and twinning program development by international partners, international faculty exchange; all of these are key features of Chitkara University which clearly mirrors the “Strong International Focus” of the university.

There are Semester Exchange wherein, the students visit Partner Universities for six months to one year for completing their semesters abroad; Summer Programs, which is a short duration program of 15 days to one month on various specialisations and also, it adds to the international exposure of the students; International Competitions, where students participate in competitions conducted by several institutions & organisations at International Level such as MUN; International Conferences, in which students participate in International conferences that help them to experience International academic standards.

Also, Chitkara University regularly invite faculty from accredited Institutions across the world which eventually helps their students to understand diverse Education standards.

None the less, students of Chitkara University are provided opportunities to be a part of Leadership Camps, to get Study Based Scholarships and to form strong global connections with major institutions like University of Florida, San Diego State University, George Brown College, University of British Columbia, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Deakin University, Cologne Business School and a lot more.


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