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NSS students display skills at international workshop promoting the concept ‘ green living’

Published on October 8, 2013 | 2065 views

NSS volunteers from Chitkara University were a part of the International Workshop that was intended to promote the concept of Green Living.

The workshop took place at Post Graduate Government College, Chandigarh.

The workshop had cultural events, there were posters and slogans all around that talked about the concept of Green Living. The participants were also given chances to voice their opinion in front of everyone and this is where our students displayed their profoundness of thoughts.

The students enjoyed everything lined up for them and others at the workshop. The event was Sixth International Youth Peace Fest and the response delivered by Chitkara students, among students from other institutes and colleges, was intense in terms of participation and taking part in the activities.

Our students are a regular part of various like activities that are held in Chandigarh and other areas.


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