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Mr Hindol Sengupta, Writer, Journalist and Social Entrepreneur interacts with Art, Design and Media students

Published on March 28, 2017

Students of School of Mass Communication and School of Art & Design got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Hindol Sengupta who is a Writer, Journalist, Public Speaker and a Social Entrepreneur. He has written Seven books and has been nominated for the “Hayek Prize given by the Manhattan Institute”. He is the Editor for Fortune India where he writes on the political Economy & Entrepreneurship.Mr. Hindol Sengupta was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has won PSF award and has been associated as Features Editor with IANS. He is the founder of the not-for-profit Whypoll Trust.

Mr. Sengupta highlighted the aspect of Liberalism where individual freedom is important and for this knowing, oneself comes foremost. He said that communicating with oneself and knowing oneself is essential for spending life happily. He emphasised the art of conversation so that in a society we may understand each other better. He opined that we must not strive for an external marker of success but identify our interests and goals which may keep us contended. Mr. Sengupta said that we are in an age where we can access any kind of information instantly and may connect to any part of the World but loneliness is rampant and bitter and anger is increasing which needs to be tackled and can be achieved by liberal ways only.

He advocated for right kind of motivation and said that the failure and rejection teach us more than success if we take it in true spirit. He said that liberalism is more about self-awareness and we must pursue our heart and not compete with others to achieve outer worldly success.

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