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Mock MUN session held by the members of Chitkara University MUN Society

Published on March 1, 2017

Joint Session for “MUNers” of Punjab Campus & Himachal Pradesh Campus of Chitkara University hosted at Punjab Campus.

Mock MUN session was held by the members of Chitkara University MUN Society as it simulated the United Nations Human Rights Council for the day. The Agenda was- Protection of LGBT Rights.

The session witnessed an active participation by the members of the MUN Society as well as the guests who joined thereby getting an opportunity to polish their communication and debating skills. The delegates of different countries discussed the policies formed and steps taken by their countries on the agenda. An invigorating discussion ensued and became the mainstay of the day. They actively discussed and put forth their ideas to draft a resolution for the Protection of LGBT Rights. The delegates got a hands-on experience of the nitty gritty’s involved in a MUN along with thinking on the feet skills, valid rebuttal and the way to counter the points made in a delegate’s speech.

The students were addressed by the faculty advisor Ms. Geetanjali Sharma, Associate Professor, Chitkara School of Languages, on the pertinence of the agenda at hand and the relevance of protection of their rights in today’s world.

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