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Kamaljit Kaur completes ‘Sushi and salad making program from USA

Published on August 11, 2015

In pursuit of skill development Ms. Kamaljit Kaur, ‪Food‬ ‪‎Production‬ Assistant from Chitkara School of ‪Hospitality‬, successfully completed a course in “Sushi and Salad making program” from Central Piedmont Community College, USA. ‪
Skill development is an integral part of becoming an expert chef. Learning the latest trend is a must to ensure that we are in tune with the times. CPCC has been a part of the Charlotte landscape for 50 years and is focused on becoming the national leader in workforce development.Over the years it has not only expanded its footprint, but also its programs. CPCC’s special interest class will help Kamaljit to respond to the needs of the community.
She learnt the art in detail and allowed her to enhance the skills making her upbeat in professional salads and sushi making. She not only explored her potential but will also help our budding chefs explore theirs at the University.


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