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Hospitality students explore the orator in them during Realia

Published on September 16, 2014

In nearly all aspects of life, communication is vital to our success. From the interpersonal to the professional, we need it every day to survive and thrive. Public speaking is at the most fundamental level – all about communication. Toastmasters Club is fortuitously working on this aspect of our aspiring professionals. Toastmasters organised Realia for CU hospitality students who gathered to bring to life the finer intricacies of everyday life.

Through Realia the students flamed the fire to burning issues like India -Pakistan divide, Child labour, corruption, Gandhian philosophy, obesity and junk food etc.

Mr Amit Bhatnagar, Dean, Chitkara School of Hospitality, judged the event CSL, goaded students to shed their shyness and embrace the centre stage. Tarun managed the entire show with great aplomb. The first prize was bagged by Vijayendra Vittal, the second prize was bagged by Chahat Gutta and Pranav Tewari won the third prize.

Hospitality- Realia

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