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Hindi Diwas organized to celebrate the beauty of the Hindi language and literature.

Published on September 14, 2022

“Hindi is the soul of Indian culture.” -Kamalapati Tripathi

The Office of Student Affairs, Chitkara University, Punjab celebrated “Hindi Diwas” on September 14th, 2022 under SDG 4 and NEP 1 to mark the declaration of Hindi as the official language of India on this day in 1949. The celebrations were an initiative to spread awareness about the importance of the Hindi language among our students.

The Hindi language is one of the oldest languages that obtains much of its academic terminology from the Sanskrit written in the Devanagari script.

September 14th is celebrated each year in honor of our mother tongue, as it binds us deeply to our roots. It allows us to see the beauty that lies within the Hindi language and appreciate the great works done by many famous poets, gurus, and renowned personalities as their dedication towards our nation and the Hindi language.

A treasure hunt ” हिंद का निध – रहस्यमई खोज ” was organized for the students on this occasion. This treasure hunt was symbolic, both literally and culturally, to celebrate the works of Hindi literature. 500 plus students participated in this event and enthusiastically found clues along the way to reach the final treasure. Not only was it fun-filled but also gave students the opportunity to learn about the evolution through ages that happened for the Hindi language! Later, when the event got over, winners were announced and felicitated.

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