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Faculty members undertake creativity test

Published on April 22, 2013

Not only our students answer questions, but our faculty also faces questions. It was a day to put our faculty to test to see their creativity quotient. Faculty members took the test conducted by Chitkara Centre for Academic Excellence, CCAE.

Chitkara Centre for Academic Excellence was set up under the aegis of Chitkara Educational Trust by Chitkara College of Education for Women, NAAC ‘A’ Grade.

The aim of the centre is to provide timely skills regarding mentoring, orienting and upgrading the teaching abilities of our teachers, especially the newly recruited faculty of institutions under Chitkara Educational Trust. This is a regular feature at Chitkara University as we believe in change, and change for the better. Instilling better pedagogy techniques to ensure better education to our students is what we aim at through these activities.

Following this belief, CCAE carried out the test to see how creative our faculty is.

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