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Extension lecture on Research Scope on Cryptography by Dr Divesh Aggarwal from New York University

Published on October 8, 2014 | 1972 views

CURIN – Chitkara University Research & Innovation Network hosted Extension lecture on ‘Research Scope on Cryptography’ and it was delivered by Dr. Divesh Aggarwal from New York University, USA .

Dr Divesh was of the view that cryptographic algorithms play a crucial role in the information society. When we use bank card or credit card, call someone on a mobile phone, get access to health care services, or buy something on the web, cryptographic algorithms protect us.

He added that these algorithms ensure that our transactions and bank accounts are safe, that nobody can eavesdrop on our mobile, VoIP or instant messaging communications and that sensitive health data is protected from unauthorized access. Cryptographic protocols can also provide digital signatures, user and data authentication, and more advanced functionalities such as electronic money or electronic voting.

Extension lecture

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