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Dr Niyati Chitkara launches her book ‘Assessment Quotient’

It is not often that one comes along someone who is a good person and a meaningful writer. This implausible amalgamation has been personified by Dr Niyati Chitkara as she makes a genuine attempt to enlighten many lives through her book.
Dr. Niyati Chitkara, Principal, Chitkara International School, launches her much awaited book “Assessment Quotient”, which she has dedicated to her mentor, coach and co-author Dr. V. Natrajan, Professor Emeritus at MeritTrac Services Pvt. Ltd. as a Guru Dakshina.
The book “Assessment Quotient” will re-define teaching, learning and assessment in context to Generation Z and Alpha learners. It is an effort to understand the needs of a learner, identify gaps and then provide them with corrective action in form of feedback through various test reports. The book has been published by a leading German publishing house, Lambert Academic Publishing House.
Dr Niyati is a teacher and a mentor for many and she believes that with proper conditioning of a child, she can initiate positive changes among her students and this book is her attempt to help teachers understand today’s students.
Everyone at Chitkara University wishes her luck as she embarks on a profound journey as a writer.


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