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Chitkara University hits a century; files for its 100th patent

Chitkara University has successfully filed for its 100th patent through the office of Patent Facilitation, Licensing & Consultancy. The journey started on 5th September, 2014 when Chitkara University filed its first patent and now it has achieved the milestone of filing 100th patent, which was filed on 28th February, 2017.

Chitkara University is known for strategic and multidisciplinary research being undertaken by its faculty and students. Within the extensive networks of Centres and Institutes, researchers, staff and students across disciplines contribute in extending the boundaries of knowledge.

The University had got its first patent of Design of Project ‘Solar Lounge’ in 2016. The patent is registered for 10 years and can be further extended for another five years.
Sharing her joy on this tremendous achievement, Dr Archana Mantri, Pro Vice Chancellor, CURIN (Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network), said, “Chitkara University has always excelled on various fronts like placements, startups, incubation or innovation competitions. In 2014 we decided to explore another untouched area of patenting innovative ideas from Chitkara University. Office of Patent Facilitation, Licensing & Consultancy has successfully achieved a milestone of filing 100 patent since its inception in 2014 and continuous efforts are being made to sustain the winning streak. Our patents cover multidisciplinary approach for solving societal problems and henceforth contributing our role in serving the humanity. The problems addressed are ranging from enabling specially-abled, affordable healthcare, development of new forms of medicines and drugs, innovation for enriching lifestyle, innovative furniture, technological advancements in food products, technical advancements and use of ICT in agriculture etc.”

CURIN is at the forefront in promoting innovations and research amongst Chitkara fraternity. The new innovative and creative patents surely inspire the budding engineers, scientists and another genius to contribute their bit to the society.

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