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Chitkara University Alumni’s “Edverse” is among 10 Big Ideas spotted by LinkedIn for 2023

Published on December 7, 2022 | 585 views

Chitkara University Alumni’s “Edverse” is among the top 10 Big Ideas spotted by LinkedIn for 2023. Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, ECE Alumni, Batch 2004 is the Co-founder, CTO & CPO at Edverse. Edverse is the world’s largest education metaverse and has been voted as the best use case of a metaverse at Gitex – the world’s leading technology conclave.

With a team that has collaborated with Google, Oxford, and Pearson to bring out immersive learning solutions globally, Edverse aims to build the largest platform to bring educators, learners, creators, and promoters of education on a single platform. Edverse offers the most interactive, immersive, and insightful educational experience ever. Furthermore, the organisation has been built on the idea that Education in a metaverse has the power to unlock newer frontiers to assimilate, communicate and eternalize knowledge in a manner that facilitates – better, deeper & faster learning.

Technically, the organisation presents a virtual education landscape that allows a user to traverse between futuristic education hubs to ancient education hubs as well as modern-day education hubs wherein one can teach, learn, create and participate actively in a knowledge economy. Edverse brings the most advanced and immersive meta-classrooms that come loaded with inventive options to conduct a 3D learning experience between educators and learners.

Having mentioned that, Chitkara University stands as a proud institution for the fact that its spirit of inculcating the hunger to innovate amongst its students is bearing tremendous results in the form of global solutions for the world.

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