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Chitkara faculty a part of 10-member delegation to China

Published on June 27, 2014

A ten member Indo-China Friendship delegation had Ms. Preety Chawla, Assistant Professor, Chitkara College of Education for Women, Chitkara University, Punjab, Research and Hindi Co-ordinator, Chitkara International School, students. The objectives of the tour included cultural exchange with the counterparts, visit to various departments of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and to check avenues for collaboration with Chinese universities.

There was a guided tour to University museum and various culture centres established in the University campus, with the objective of establishing cultural exchanges with the foreign students studying in the university.

A Chinese calligraphy workshop was organised in the German culture centre to abreast the delegation with the basis of Chinese language based on symbols. It was followed by Lecture on Confucianism and a workshop on Kungfu.

A lunch meeting was organized with Vice-President, CPAFFC (Chinese People’s Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries) at an Indian restaurant. A visit to Shanghai City Centre which exhibited a beautiful architectural model of inner Shanghai was arranged.

A trip was organized at the Old Shanghai village to familiarise the delegation with the traditional living style and culture of Shanghai.

It was highlighted during the trip that the vision of Shanghai is ‘ Better City, Chinese are very proud of their culture and take the best measures to transmit the same to younger generation and also people from other part of the world.

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