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Ace teachers teach the nuances of teaching to budding teachers of CCEW

Published on September 3, 2014

For becoming a teacher, rather an able teacher, one must learn the intricacies of it and who better than leading teachers to teach these nuances to our budding teachers from Chitkara College of Education for Women. CCEW students got a resounding orientation at Chitkara International School by none other than Dr. Niyati Chitkara, Principal, CIS, and faculty.

The students were taken around the entire school and they were taught about what good teaching is all about by the CIS faculty. Dr. Niyati Chitkara interacted with the students, who were accompanied by Dr Sangeeta Pant, Dean, CCEW, and other faculty members of the CCEW.

The students had an eventful day at CIS and derived a lot from the orientation.


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