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Chitkara University is gratified to endow the most magnificent cultural fiesta of the year – EXPLORE’16. Which once started as an annual fest of the University, through years of wisdom, hard work and perseverance, has nurtured into one of the nation’s grandest platter of opportunities and junctures.

Known for its mind blowing and evangelistic convictions, to amuse the youth and leave them in awe has now become the convention of Chitkara University’s EXPLORE. And this year, we asseverate to ace you all to a journey of the Reel world with the heart adoring theme of ‘CINEMA PARADISO’. Enlivening the shunned actor in you, envisioning the paradise of cinema, this is what the impetus of Explore’16 is.

Each of the events that constitute this exhuberant gala have been thoughtfully planned towards their eccentricity. As exciting and surprising that the events and their rules are, the rewards for
participants are much more fulfilling. Along with gaining lifelong experience of participating in one of the most enriching events, participants have the opportunity to bag prizes worth 15 Lac. Each year, more than 15,000 people discover their deep hiddens by associating with the revolutionary EXPLORE. To further enhance the frolic of this extravagant gala, the Star attractions of EXPLORE’16 are: Dj-NYK-one of the biggest Indian dj’s and Agnee-the band.

To know more and register, log on to www.explorefest.com

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