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Chitkara University to host FDP on “Mastering Crypto: A New Era in Modern Teaching”

Chitkara University is organizing a National Level Faculty Development Program on “Mastering Crypto: A New Era in Modern Teaching” on May 6th 2022 and May 7th, 2022. The resource person for the FDP is Ajoy Pathak, Blockchain Enthusiast, Crypto University. The Knowledge Partners for this National Level FDP are Crypto University, Crypto Wire and Crypto TV.

This is first of its kind FDP which will focus on providing adequate knowledge in blockchain technology & Digital Currency. The participants will also learn to build, operate, and develop the applications of blockchain & cryptocurrency platforms. The FDP aims at the professional development of the academicians, researchers and Crypto Enthusiasts.

The theme of this FDP is to upgrade the technical skills in digital currency & Blockchains and thereby disseminating the gained knowledge to the student community in the right way and serving society with many new inventions in this game-changing field of the era. It will cover a number of trading techniques in respect to cryptocurrencies which provide the essence of real-life practical knowledge and experience which are essential for classroom teaching. Some topics which will be covered during the two-days FDP include The Future of Money & Introduction to Blockchain, Blockchain platforms, Permissioned/ Permission-less Blockchains, Consensus Algorithms, Security Analysis of Blockchain, Introduction to cryptographic primitives, Advanced cryptographic techniques and Smart Contracts among others.

Cryptocurrency is not just about payments anymore; it will play a key role in the development of new internet companies that use of blockchain networks instead of centralised servers. Crypto, although it started as a currency, has ended up solving something much bigger than that. It is forming the new internet.

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