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Two days of sheer exhilaration, fun, thrill only at Algorythm

Continuously proving its excellence in academics and bringing an array of cultural events like TECHELONE, The Technical Fest, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, brings to you ALGORYTHM, the Cultural Fest of the University.

It will be two days of exhilarating buoyancy, extravaganza, thrill, zest and a lot more. Algorythm will be all about creativity, groove to impress, speak to captivate, challenge the best in you, foot tapping music, rhythms re-defined and above all, PRIZE MONEY worth Rs 15 lacs.

Algorythm is set to create unforgettable and momentous memories, which would take you to the sensational world of music as it proudly presents ‘SUNBURN CAMPUS’.

Following are the activities lined up for the students.


Does your expression speak more than your words? Do you like being mellow dramatic in all possible circumstances? If you are the nautanki you claim to be, this is the place where you ought to be.

Symphony (music)

It all starts from the eight octaves and where it ends nobody knows. Its limits are infinite as the universe. Music neither comes from
instruments nor is just a technique, it comes from the heart. Drive the crowd crazy with your grip on rhythm and your style of rock. Get yourself or your band launched into the limelight.


If you think you have got it then flaunt it. Dancing with your feet is one thing and dancing from your heart is another. So, impress us with your Bollywood jhatkas or your Jabbawockeeez style or just be yourself. Perform powerful moves and breathtaking stunts. If you have the moves to make people look at you in awe, whether as a team or as an individual, this is the place to be!

Fine Arts

The easiest to dabble in, the hardest to reach excellence in. Bring your hand, heart and mind together. Explore your creativity and compete with the best in your field.


Literature is the sweetest passion known to man. It not only sustains the mind but also the soul. This is your chance to put the language cap on and show them how it is done. Wit, logic, improvisation, creativity, linguistic adroitness, imagination- all will be put to the ultimate test.


You win some, lose some, wreck some. If you have a passion for sports, be it football, volleyball or any other sport, this is the place for you to be.

Fun games

Tired of your monotonous daily routine. Spend some jolly time with your friends. Just play, have fun, enjoy the games.

Be the part of ALGORYTHM on March 7, 8, at Chitkara University, Himachal Campus. Come and register yourself for a whole lot of fun at http://www.algorythmfest.com/registration.php

This March be a part of the ultimate bonanza by adding new colors to life, blend with myriad of colors encompassing exuberance, avidity and festivity.

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