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Chitkara University announces 11th Global Week 2019

Chitkara University is privileged to share the news that Year 2019 marks the hosting of 11th Season of Global Week at Chitkara University, at both campuses – Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, from October 14-18, 2019.

Global Week is a footprint of Global Engagement at Chitkara University – an excellent platform for Internationalising the student learning experience. The event serves as a catalyst for infusing cross-cultural competence, industry linkages, knowledge transfer while providing phenomenal networking opportunities.

During the Global Week, Chitkara University invites eminent faculty from across the world to teach predetermined short module courses to its students. Besides offering invaluable networking opportunity for local & visiting faculty, one of the main objectives of this event is to provide a global environment to keep Chitkara University students informed about the dynamics of International education and raise their awareness. The event also offers an excellent opportunity for the participating delegates to get acquainted with the rich culture & diversity of Incredible India.

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