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Electronics & Communication Engineering

The students can pursue specialisation in Internet of Things (IoT) which is among the newest innovations in the field of information technology. It’s all set to create a huge wave and change the way we receive information.

This technology connects devices to each other, and to the people who use it in their daily life. Leading business organizations have started focussing on the opportunities thrown up by Internet of Things; therefore, companies are in search of professionals who have strong foundational knowledge in the concepts of Internet of Things.

Embedded systems are gaining importance in all aspects of engineering. It is expected that in near future no technical artifact will exist without embedded information technology. There is a tendency to software oriented embedded and/or dependable systems, based on standardized micro-controller cores. This implies that the design of embedded real-time operating systems will play a dominant role in this field. As more and more networks of micro- ontrollers are applied in real-time communication systems, the design of distributed embedded systems will gain importance. Embedded systems are designed to do some specific task, rather than be a general-purpose computer for multiple tasks.

Program Learning Outcomes

The students will get to know the benefits of a connected world and its necessity for the real world. Here’s what one can experience about IoT

  • The communication between the human world and physical devices, which is a unique experience.
  • The future trends associated with IoT devices and its various components.
  • Extract information from the devices and use it for better enhancement for businesses.
  • The use of several tools and techniques that tackle real-world problems, as it analyses and suggests suitable solutions.
Career Opportunities

Specialisations in Internet of Things opens the door of opportunities for fresh graduates. As more than 300 tech start-ups in India alone are engaged in IoT-related projects, there exists plenty of job opportunities. Here are some of the roles an IoT professional can look forward to in major organizations.

  • IoT Engineer
  • Citizen IoT Scientist
  • IoT App Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT System Administrator