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After completion of 4th semester in B.E. Electrical Engineering, the students have the opportunity to pursue specialisation in Industrial Automation.


As Automation is the heart of any industry, it has found its place and importance in industries to handle any sophisticated process to increase productivity with quality. A specialisation in Industrial Automation is a powerful career choice that demands good problem-solving skills combined with excellent domain knowledge with an eye for detail. The course includes a diverse range of theoretical and practical skill training, presented in the context of real applications and design experience.


The importance of Automation Engineers in fields like Airport and Cargo Management, Railways, Building Automation and other areas like Automation in Manufacturing Industries, Process Industries shall be a paramount one. Further, with almost every industry spending major money on training its employees, this specialisation shall enable the industries to deploy students directly into the field with minimum on-hands training at their cost. Thus, the career opportunities are many, including roles in:

  • Factory Automation
  • Power Engineering
  • Energy Management
  • Operations Management
  • Sustainable Design & Solutions
  • Entrepreneurship

Some of the key components of this specialisation will be: = Knowledge and technical expertise of building, analysing, testing, operating and maintaining electrical, instrumentation, control systems and associated green technologies.

  • Maintenance, repair and production of electrical automation equipment and its systems.
  • Procure, inspect and test electrical and electronic engineering materials.
  • Select, operate, maintain, test and repair/ replace electrical and electro-mechanical automation machinery used in various industrial appliances.
  • Industrial installation including automation components, programming and reprogramming of logic controllers cum drives, laying cables, earthing, installing motors, drives with their accessories, wiring and testing of control circuits.
  • Estimate preparation of different kinds of jobs in domestic, industrial automation in transmission and distribution systems to install, erect and commission the power and automation equipment.

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