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Chitkara Business School’s Dr. Amandeep Singh Chairs Global Conference in Hungary

14th May 2024

Global Conference in Hungary – Chitkara University

Chitkara Business School recently made waves as Dr. Amandeep Singh, Professor and Dean of the MBA Marketing Program, took the helm as Session Chair at the prestigious OBIO-Budapest Business University conference in Hungary. The conference, themed “Novices and Competitions in Markets and Finances,” drew scholars and experts from around the world to delve into pivotal market dynamics and financial landscapes.

In Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Amandeep’s insightful discourse illuminated the intricate interplay between market competition and financial paradigms, offering profound insights into their influential roles. His participation not only underscored Chitkara University’s dedication to academic excellence but also bolstered its global footprint, showcasing its prowess on the international stage. Dr. Amandeep’s presence and contribution enriched the discourse, fostering valuable exchanges and contributing to the collective advancement of knowledge in the realms of market dynamics and finance.

Chitkara Business School continues to foster a culture of academic excellence and global engagement, with Dr. Amandeep Singh’s representation at the OBIO-Budapest Business University conference standing as a testament to the institution’s commitment to scholarly discourse and international collaboration.

Dr. Amandeep’s notable presence at the OBIO-Budapest Business University conference underscores Chitkara University’s commitment to fostering global academic collaborations and promoting faculty engagement on international platforms. His insightful discourse and active participation not only contributed to enriching the academic dialogue but also strengthened the university’s reputation as a hub of scholarly excellence. As Chitkara University continues to prioritise international partnerships and academic exchanges, Dr. Amandeep’s representation serves as a testament to the institution’s dedication to fostering a culture of academic leadership and facilitating meaningful contributions to the global academic community. As Chitkara University strives to make significant contributions to the global academic community, such endeavours underscore its unwavering dedication to shaping future leaders and advancing knowledge on a global scale.

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