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International Conference on ‘Marketing 5.0 – Relationships, Personalization and Data Herald’

Chitkara Business School will organise an International Conference on ‘Marketing 5.0 – Relationships, Personalization and Data Herald’ on June 6-7, 2020 at Chitkara University, Punjab. it ‘s an opportunity to get your paper published in journals listed in Scopus, web of science and UGC care.

About the Conference:

Marketing has become one of the cornerstones for growing a successful business. Our era is responsible for Marketing 4.0: the world of mobile technology and global social interaction that can reach a customer anytime, anywhere. The benefit goes both ways. Brands have unprecedented access to customer data and insights to guide their efforts, while customers have the power of choice and can use social media to amplify their voices.

However, the future holds more promise. Customers want a new level of satisfaction—products and services that not only meet their basic needs but also complement their creativity and values by offering something more. There suits Marketing 5.0, which will deliver personalized experiences. The conference will cover the upcoming and important topics in marketing 5.0.

Benefits of Participation in Conference
  • Opportunity to get your paper published in SCOPUS indexed Journal and UGC approved journal.
  • Opportunity to expand your Knowledge Base.
  • Opportunity to get an expert opinion on your research work.
  • Opportunity to expand Professional Network.
  • Opportunity to position you as an expert or as a co-chairperson in one of the conference tracks.
  • Opportunity to expand your resources.
  • Opportunity to compete for Best Paper Award in each track of the conference.
Concepts Notes with Sub-Themes

The conference will cover the upcoming and important topics in marketing 5.0. The following are the proposed theme for the conference

  • Personalization & Marketing
  • Relationships and Marketing
  • Role of Data Heraldin Marketing
  • Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Science and Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence Applied in Marketing
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Marketing
  • Business Intelligence Databases and Marketing
  • Data Mining and Big Data-Marketing Data Science
  • Web Marketing, E-commerce and V-commerce
  • Social Media and Networking
  • Neuromarketing Technologies
  • Customer Data Management and CRM
  • Omnichannel and Marketing Communication
  • Geomarketing
  • Marketing Automation and Marketing Inbound
  • Machine Learning Applied to Market
  • Marketing and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Technology in Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing and Digital Economy
  • E-Governance
  • Role of finance in Marketing
  • Impacting Supply Chain Management

Conference is not limited to indicated topics. Any topic related to marketing theme is accepted.

Important Dates

Submission of extended abstract: 31st March 2020
Submission of full-length paper: 30th April 2020
Last date of registration: 31st May 2020

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