Dharmesh Mehta

Tag line of Chitkara Alumni Network for 2013 was
‘Best way to predict future is help create it’
CHITKARA UNIVERSITY Will fund your Ideas & help you to
become an entrepreneur…………through Innovation Incubator
So, here are few Alumni who made use of this opportunity & created a niche for themselves..
Dharmesh Mehta
Batch: 2006-2010
Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering


When the idea of Yellow Cursor first struck while Iwas in Wipro (Bangalore), it was clear that the road was not easy. I had no working capital, and hence no resources (except for my laptop and an internet connection) to start with. My first team consisted of three final year students who had worked with me earlier in the Department Electronics’ Club. The only thing we had was a vision to create a Change. With just a promo video and a little understanding about entrepreneurship, we met Mohit Chitkara Sir for our first pitch. One hour, and everything was settled – all our problems and hindrances vanished. As if they never were. In two months, we had a lab-cum-office inside the campus, specially designed for our needs. We got some excited interns from the campus to work with – who were provided with special privileges (like skipping classes and minor assessments) to contribute to a greater good. The one facet every founder is worried about is the Legal aspect. But then I realized that being a part of the Chitkara eco-system, these things were trivial. I still remember Mohit Sir saying, “Focus on the vision, don’t worry about the legal and the finance.” Two years, and I have never felt like worrying.

Imagine having the best university in the region as your mega-laboratory – that’s a dream for every EdTech startup. For us, it was reality. Every time we had a prototype, we had all the associated teachers ready to test it and provide their invaluable feedback and suggestions. And the icing on the cake comes in when Ashok Sir and Madhu Mam boost your morale. And when you are dealing with about 1500 students, assuming for features and strategies of your products go out of the window. Everything is Live. We’ve learnt a lot. Being independent from the very beginning, dealing with various levels of the management, managing the cash cow, stresses of the competition market, when and how to pick pace, pressure of the work and deadlines, night shifts, 90-hour work weeks, and much more. But it all comes voluntarily. When you are incubated at your Alma Mater, it’s warm and comfortable.

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