Giving Back to The University

Giving Back to The University: A great university doesn’t just happen. It’s built brick by brick, program by program, student by student. And a great university can rely on faculty and administrators and on the active support of its alumni.

Giving Back to The University

Think about your years at Chitkara University. Do you remember the fun you had, the friends you made, the obstacles you were able to overcome – don’t let that connection fall apart? Even after you’ve graduated, you play an active role in upholding and improving the reputation of your institution.

The best reason to volunteer is not only because of your love for the Institute but also because you believe in what the Institute stands for and your desire to help the Institute play the role of a change agent to create a better world.

We would be delighted to strengthen this relationship with you through the Chitkara Alumni Association Network. You could give back to your institution in different ways:

  • Be a mentor: To the present students provide them guidance and advice and share your experiences.
  • Help secure an internship: You know how difficult it is to secure a relevant internship, make an inquiry where ever you are working. Could your company take an intern? If not, find out from other contacts that you may have.
  • Be a Guest Speaker: Come and share your expertise and experience, you have been there and done that. Share it with the current batch at your institution.
  • Contribute: As you grow older and wiser you realize how much impact your alma mater has had on you and your career, it is a time that you have an impact. You can give back to your institution and contribute to the institution as a whole.

Giving Back to The University



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