Chitkara students help building world’s highest bridge at Chenab River for train

A moment of pride for the entire Chitkara fraternity as its mechanical engineering students help construct world’s highest bridge at Chenab River for Indian Railways.

They are a total of six students from the 2010-2014 batch. These students got placed at Afcons Infrastructure ltd. And are posted at CBPU 2612 (Chenab site).

The project is a project of Indian Railways and had started in 2004 but due to design revisions and with such a long span and at extreme height, the railway officials said that its height is 5 times that of the Qutub Minar and it poses a safety concern. This led to the Closure of this project in 2008 but with the help of WSP Finland, this project started again in 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2016 but our students said that it will take more time than scheduled.

The Prime Minister announced to honour all engineers who are working for this project because this project will be a thing of pride for the entire nation.

Students who are involved in this project are:
Abhimanyu – Fabrication of deck .
Abhilash – QA/QC Engineering.
Gaurav Paul – Quality Control.
Verain Soni – Fabrication.
Gurupkar Singh – Quality Engineer.
Sandeep Singh – Quality at Sarundi side where arch is manufactured.

It is of total 1.3 km long bridge over river Chenab. Everyone at Chitkara University wishes luck to our heroes.

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