Abhiraj Malhotra

Tag line of Chitkara Alumni Network for 2013 was
‘Best way to predict future is help create it’
CHITKARA UNIVERSITY Will fund your Ideas & help you to
become an entrepreneur…………through Innovation Incubator
So, here are few Alumni who made use of this opportunity & created a niche for themselves..
Abhiraj Malhotra
Batch: 2004-2008
Branch: Computer Science Engineering


A shy boy who was always excited about building Astuff with a few lines of code that could make an impact was me since my School days but it was the end of Second year during my engineering days at Chitkara when a couple of my faculty members showed faith in me and pushed me to represent Chitkara for a coding competition. We lost badly but that was the start. My team member Akash Bhalla and I went to several competitions from then on and won most of them. It was like an unbelievable journey that all started with just 2 faculty members who showed faith in me and everything changed from then on. It was then the Chitkara Management, specifically Mr. Mohit Chitkara (Vice President), Chitkara Educational Trust who introduced me to the real world
where I could actually scale my abilities and solve real problems with my coding abilities.
At the end of my 4th Year I got placed into Infosys and it was not long since working there when I finally realized that it’s time to start something more impactful and bring my abilities to real practise. I quit my job in 2010 at Infosys which was a campus placement and came back to Chandigarh where I planned to start SchoolPad, An online erp to simplify school management and collaboration to help teachers, students and parents be more connected and more informed. Chitkara Innovation Incubator helped
me setup a company where I could build a strong team and work towards my goal and today when I look back, I realize that I could have never reached the scale at which I am today without the support of the Incubator and the initial mentorship.
To conclude, I would like to say that there’s just one life and hence live it well. Do what you love and believe me, there’s no better journey than the journey of being an entrepreneur so if you feel you have it in you, become one and make an impact.


Abhiraj Malhotra featured in The Indian Express


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